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  • These are all examples of Fresh water ecostytems


Freshwater Biome
Freshwater Biome

by Mickey,DJ, Noah, and Killian


Lakes and Pounds
Two examples of fresh water areas are lakes and ponds. Even though lakes are deeper than ponds, ponds get more plants at the bottom. Why ponds get more plants, is because the pond is very shallow so sunlight can reach the bottom.
Marshes and Swamps
A marsh is also a freshwater area. Marsh usually ranges from 1 to 6 feet deep. Marshes and swamps are sources of thick water with many living things in it.
Rivers, Streams and Waterfalls
In rivers and streams you will find fresh water that is constantly moving. Waterfalls are also another example. A water fall is usually in the middle of a river or at the end of a river, and it is when water goes over a cliff into the river again or the water goes into a lake. In many freshwater areas, some of the water is warm, while others are cold.

Freaswater ecosyestems are considerd the biological supermrkets.
2.6 of the worlds water is freashwater.
0.014% is the total volume of water avalible as soil mosture

Very few natural pollutients.
Over 1500 pollutents for freashwater.

Sewege dumped in to water , fertalizer contaned in runoffs from farms and droghts are depleting or already low amont of freaswater. Due to pollutents killing oxygin amount in water many animals are dying.


· Saw Grass
· Cattails
· Pickle Weed
· Water Lillys
· Algae
· Cranberries
Plants are packed in freshwater swamps and ponds.


Fresh water animals are-
  • Insects
  • Crustaceans
  • Crawdads
  • Frogs
  • Bacteria
  • Amphibians
In wetlands you can find-
  • Bog Turtles
  • Birds
  • Musk rats
  • Shellfish
  • Alligators
In river and streams you will find -
  • Beavers

Ghost Shrimp

The climate of freshwater biomes depends mainly upon where the biome is located. Although, most fresh water ranges in the summer at about 4 C at the bottom and 22 C at the top. In the winter the bottom is about 4 C and the top is 0 C or ice. The middle of the top and bottom layers changes rapidly throughout the year. The temperature is normaly cooler at the source than at the mouth of the biome. Most freshwater biomes are in humid areas. If the freshwater biome was not in a humid area, the water source (river, stream, etc.) would react differently.

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