The Deciduous Forest!

By: Rajan, Stevie, Nate, and Jamie The Deciduous forest (or also known as the Temperature Forest) is the most altered habitat biome in the world! Scroll down to find out more on this interesting biome that humans most inherit on this earth.
A deciduous Forest
A deciduous Forest
Animals: - There are many types of animals in this biome. Amphibians, and insects that call this biome home such as, amphibians, micro organisms, invertebrates, mammals and birds. There are also birds, squirrels, foxes, chipmunks, insects, black bears, insects, and other small animals.
a Red fox
a Red fox

flying sqirrrel
flying sqirrrel
​ ​ Threats: - Endangered animals ar e, peregrine falcon, tigers, leopards, and many other animals. (By hunting)... - The forest has lost land to farmers and forest fires, and the animals in the forest are been taken away and killed by poachers. People are constructing buildings in the forest. Which is destroying the balance in the Deciduous Forest. The trees are dying because of sickness and bugs that carry the diseases. To stop these diseases, we could find cures and work for them as we do with other sicknesses. But, the biggest threat to the Deciduous forests are human population, devolpment, agriculture, acid rain, logging, and global warming. The soils are very rich and the Deciduous forests are a perfect place for humans and animals to settle. Also, the climate is more comfortable and warmer than the Boreal forests. Most trees are hardwood and they are denser wood than coniferous trees. It means more pressure to cut the trees to mantain source at sawmill. in other words, If a tree is cut down, it affects the environment around them and isn't easily grown back. How can I help? The Decidious forest is a delicate biome that depends on other sources in it's environment that's being taken away from it. There are MANY ways you can help.

  • Plant trees around your home.
  • Grow NATIVE plants in yards& gardens
  • Not taking un-native plants into your area or planting them.(It might harm the environment)
  • Next time you purchase lumber,products, look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil) label. It means that the wood came from trees grown in a well managed,independant certified forests.
  • Buying recylced paper when possible
  • Don't waste paper!
  • Using fewer products that come from trees.

Use these solutions to help the Deciduous Forest Biome environment! :)

Decomposers: Brown Forest Soils, Autumn leaf decay, soils, needle leaf, twigs, logs and dead organisms!
Pictures of Deciduous trees
Pictures of Deciduous trees

Location: - The location is usually in eastern North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Southern America,and many other locations around the planet.
A mpa of other biomes and our biome, the "Tempature Forest"
A mpa of other biomes and our biome, the "Tempature Forest"

- There are also many unique landforms in this biome such as,Mountains, valleys, rolling hills, flat plateaus Landforms, elevation, soil, water resources.
- Mountains, valleys, rolling hills, and flat plateaus.

Climate: The Annual precipitation ranges from average tempature: 50 F- 75 F. The rainfall is from 75cm to 150 cm. The tempatures are close to freezing in the winter to warm in the summer and spring. There is a 6 month growing season. This biome has a comfortbable weather range which makes the environment suitable for both animals and humans .The elevation average is 9,000 above sea level.

Plants:There are many types of plants and organisms in this forest, Deciduous comes from it's meaning which means to shed or fall (leaves), The main types of tree tyes are Oaks, Maples,Evergreens, Hemlock, Spruce, Fir, Hickory, and Beech. The leaves shed in Autumn. Deciduous also has 3-4 to 5 layers of plants.
Top Layer~Tall Deciduous trees that grow up to 60-100 feet
2nd Layer~Saplings and shorter trees
3rd Layer~Shrubs and bushes
4th layer~Forest herbs such as wildflowers and berries.
Deciduous wild flowers
Deciduous wild flowers

~Receives up to 50 centimeters rainfall, Temperature in forest 0f degrees to 30c degrees.
~The soil is very fertile.
~Endangered: peregrine falcon, tigers, leopards, and almost the bald eagle.
~ Elevation: 9,000 feet above sea level.
~They grow when it rains.
~ They reproduce, when a tree dies and an acorn is like the seed- Cold winters, warm damp summers.
~ developed in earths prehistoric past :)

Food Web:

Pictures of Deciduous trees
Pictures of Deciduous trees
flying sqirrrel
flying sqirrrel
a Red fox
a Red fox


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