Daily Goals & Schedules
Please check this page each day and use as a check list. Be sure to leave notes in the “discussion” section of your page to let your group know what you accomplished during the period.

Day 1: Thurs 2/18 & Fri 2/19
  1. Sign into Ecolgy743 Wiki to test your login & password assigned to you.
  2. Read and understand the requirements for the "Biome" project.
  3. Understand how a wiki works as a format for sharing information and collaborating on a final webpage product.
  4. Begin reading and analyzing website information for your assigned biome issue.
  5. Play in the sandbox and send a message to your groupmates as to ideas that you have regarding this project.
  6. Create and/or check for a group folder in our 743 folder on the P:Public Drive. Remember that there are other groups who will be studying your biome as well, so you will need a unique group name for your folder.
  7. Per Group: Find 7-9 pictures and a MAP for your video. SAVE In: Space Folder in your H: Drive AND your group folder on the P: Public Drive in the 743 folder.
  8. As a GROUP: Decide whether your video will be basic biome information OR info on your biome threat.
  9. Send your group mates a message letting them know what you've accomplished today, ideas you have, and what needs to be worked on next.

Day 2: Mon 2/22 & Tues 2/23
  1. Have your notes you've taken on your biome.
  2. As a GROUP: Write your script/ draft/ map for the movie. Plan which pictures go where, what will be said during each, and who will be saying it. Each person must speak. (Don't forget to source the pictures at the end.)
  3. Possibly start the video - put pictures in, etc. Save to Public drive and your home drive
  4. Start adding information to your wiki page.
  5. Start work on the food web. (Don't forget, it needs to be embedded in your wiki, not a link)
  6. Leave a message to your group as to what you did and/or what you need from them or what they will need to do.

Day 3: Weds 2/24 & Thurs 2/25
  1. Finish adding information to your wiki page.
  2. Look at use of headings, layout, etc.
  3. As a GROUP: Have draft/map written for your video piece.
  4. As a GROUP: Select music and begin make movie including the narration, with the goal of getting it completed and uploaded to SchoolTube. Save to your homedrive AND your group folder.
  5. Please go back and visit the requirements.
  6. Insert food web, if not already done.
  7. Go back through last two daily goals and be sure you've completed them all.
  8. Double check requirements.
  9. Leave a message to your group as to what you did and/or what you need from them.

LAST DAY Day 4: Fri 2/26 & Mon 3/1
  1. Finish adding any information needed for wiki. Please go back and visit the requirements.
  2. View completed movie. Check for voice sound & quality, transitions, and music.
  3. Insert movie into wiki.
  4. Fine tune wiki page.
  5. Visit our wiki pages in this team wiki and post postive feedback about their page.